Strategy Board game rules

TO SET UP THE GAME: Assemble the 12 cubes and 4 sceptres into the starting position, as illustrated.. A symmetrical shape equal for the Black and the White. Note that the single domed cubes are placed on top of the double domed cubes.

TO PLAY THE GAME: Choose a colour, players can only move their own colour pieces (6 Cubes & 2 Sceptres each)..
Black starts. Take turns to move, whereby each turn involves moving either a Cube or a Sceptre of your own colour.

A Cube can be moved to a new position.
A Sceptre can be moved in a diagonal or in a lateral direction over the Cube surface.

TO WIN THE GAME: The first player to move one of their sceptres onto any Cube occupied (on another side) by their opponent's Sceptre wins the game.

Two sceptres on one Cube is always the end of the game. So if a player is forced to move a Sceptre onto a Cube already occupied by their other Sceptre, that player loses, and the game ends.

MOVING A SCEPTRE: A Sceptre can be moved across the recessed areas of a Cube in either a diagonal or a lateral direction, moving in a straight line any number of spaces until an obstruction is reached (a dome or another Sceptre).

DIAGONAL SCEPTRE MOVE: A Sceptre can move vertically or horizontally on a flat surface, it can not change plane or jump levels during a diagonal move.

LATERAL SCEPTRE MOVE: A Sceptre can change plane and level during a lateral move by passing straight over the edge of each cube, and continuing in the same direction.

MOVING A CUBE: A Cube is not moved along a set route, it is simply lifted from its position and placed in a completely new position. When placed in a new position a Cube must interlock (a dome into a recess) with at least one other Cube. If placed on top of another cube, it must interlock with the Cube below as a priority.
A Cube can not:
:be moved if it is occupied by a sceptre
:be moved if it is underneath another Cube.
:be placed under another Cube.
:be re-orientated in the same place.

ELIMINATING A CUBE: When a Sceptre is moved from a Cube of the opposing colour, and onto a Cube of its own colour, the opposing colour Cube is eliminated and therefore taken out of the game. A Cube can not be eliminated if it is under another Cube.
The elimination of a Cube is not a choice, it must be removed when the conditions are met, and it can not re-enter the game.

In the illustration, a black Sceptre moves from a white Cube to a black Cube. At the completion of this move, the white Cube is removed from the game.

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