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While not my favorite abstract, Axiom is my favorite HARD abstract... Jason USA

Utterly cool!...Ed

Best abstract I have ever played.. Temelin, Pennsylvania USA

This is a wonderful game - a real brain bender.. Paul, Virginia USA

Oi, what a wreck you can be after having your head expanded.. Eric, Carolina USA

Simple yet intense, and oh-so-wierd.. Jeffrey, San Diego USA

Really fun 3d thinking.. Lisa, USA

OMG brain burner!... I think I'm in love.. John, Queensland AUSTRALIA

Upgraded from an 8 to a 9: Incredibly unique mechanisms.. Raymond, Montreal CANADA

Really cool. An interesting and unique abstract game. Truly 3-D.. Deniz, Havertown USA

Still one of my favorites; I have the original version.. Howard, Portland USA

This one bends your mind and really forces you to think multi-di.. Scott, Dallas USA

A true abstract. Hard to visualize at first, but worth.. Michel, Quebec CANADA

Fun abstract and very beautiful design.. Thomas, Ohio USA

This just keeps getting better. Very portable. People are interested at first sight. Surprisingly accessible to non-gamers.. Viranga, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Strange, unique gameplay.. Achim, Meerbusch GERMANY

Strange complex three-dimensional two player abstract.. Koert, Brugge BELGIUM

Great looking 3d abstract for 2. Thinking around the corner.. Mike, Utrecht NETHERLANDS

Nice tricky game. Have to play it more to get some experience.. Artur, Wroclaw POLAND

Beauty and beast.. Holger, GERMANY

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