AXIOM is a 2 player abstract strategy game, played in 3 dimensions..

Choose Cube or magnetic Sceptre, move over the edge and travel on the side of the game... discover unusual strategies, be creative, try a bit of 3D thinking, and enjoy a game that gradually changes in shape...

This website is pre-smartphone and in need of a serious update... Up-to-date, concise information and a downloadable illustrated AXIOM rule card, can be viewed at our EtsyShop, please select the link below.

To all who have received Axiom recently, I hope you enjoy the game... please feel free to email me with any questions you have, as it may seem a little alien to begin with... have fun, and Happy New Year, Michael.

AXIOM, invented & designed by Michael Seal. Development contributors: Simon Kenney, Thomas Deigninger, Armin Braun, Dale Butroid, Pat Hammond and Hugh Taylor.

AXIOM.. a game like no other.. 2 players.. 30 minutes.. 3D thinking..
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